Friday, December 28, 2012

un ajutor neasteptat din diaspora

Dorin Dușciac, cetățean moldovean stabilit în Franța, a scris la cartierul general Sbarro, solicitând intervenția conducerii francizei pentru a convinge antreprenorii moldoveni să nu construiască pizzeria în Scuarul Europei.
Așteptăm reacția lor!
Un mare mulțumesc d-lui Dorin Dușciac!

Sbarro Corporate Headquarters
Attn: Franchise Department
401 Broadhollow Road
Melville, NY 11747

Dear Mr. Eric Taylor,

My name is Dorin Dusciac, I am a Moldovan citizen, currently living in Paris (France). I am contacting you today regarding the intention of a company established in Chisinau (the capital city of the Republic of Moldova, a small country in  Eastern Europe) to build a Sbarro franchised restaurant in a very particular location in the centre of our city. Since yesterday, the Moldovan online press has begun spreading out the information about the intention of a local firm to build a Sbarro retaurant in the centre of the city of Chisinau: .  
This particular location is very important for the Moldovan citizens, as it is the very place where the civil rights movement in favour of our liberation from Soviet domination started at the end of the 1980's. The location is situated on the territory of a central park in Chisinau - the Public Garden Stefan cel Mare si Sfint. Just a few yards away (less than 10 meters) is located the entrance to the Alley of Romanian Classics - a central Alley in the park, more than 100 meters long, on both sides of which are situated the monuments of the greatest writers and poets of our nation. A small nation situated at the crossroads of great invadors, we have only survived through culture. We did not have huge armies or great defense systems. We have never built submarines or atomic weapons. We only resisted throughout the harsh times due to our writers and poets. This location is of great symbolic significance to all Moldovan citizens, and it is completely inappropriate to be used in any commercial purpose.
Nowadays, the access to this Alley is in danger: the owners of the Moldovan franchised company want to cover this entrance with a commercial location. Please allow me to state it very clearly: I am personally not opposed to the entrance of any foreign company on the Moldovan market. Moreover, I think that my country needs more foreign investors, and it is a great honor for my country and for its capital city to count Sbarro among many other internation world-wide known brands represented locally. But the owners of the franchised company can very surely find any other central location in the city of Chisinau. The centre of the capital is full of many available commercial locations. 
I am convinced that locating a Sbarro restaurant in that particular place will only stirr up locals' indignation and despair. A certain number of NGO's, bloggers, and civic movements have already declared their protest, and have started concrete actions against this construction project. Their sorrows have already been heard by the Mayor of the capital city - Mr. Dorin Chirtoaca, who has cancelled the construction authorization on December 24th, 2012. Nevertheless, the construction works do continue on that location, and being familiar with the very low speed of our judicial system, I fear that the construction will be finished well before the end of judicial procedures.
Taking into account all the above exposed facts, I would like to kindly ask you to intervene, and to demand that the Moldovan franchised company change the location of the Sbarro restaurant, to another place in the centre of Chisinau. I believe that this would be the best solution that would allow to preserve and promote the good name of the Sbarro company in our country, and in the entire region. I think that your company needs not be at the origins of a great scandal with long-lasting cultural and identity implications.

Please keep me informed about the consequences of this letter. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Dorin Dusciac
Paris, France.


  1. Cu ce s-a soldat chestia asta ?

    nu au dat raspuns cei de la Sbarro?